Disclosure Services

RVA does not provide a disclosure service.

For disclosure services we would recommend that you contact North Yorkshire and York Forum who provide a high quality competitive service which includes:

  • assistance with setting up the required policy statements
  • training session (content includes the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, complying with the CRB’s Code of Practice, guidance on decision making, competing application forms and checking and recording identity documents)
  • checking Disclosure application forms
  • processing forms and sending them to the CRB
  • tracking applications
  • keeping the organisation up to date on the progress of the application
  • email list to keep organisations up to date on new guidance and information
  • telephone or email support.

As this service does not receive any funding a small processing fee is charged per application form (in addition to any fees charged by CRB). 

Contact Jeanette Lilley on 01845 526909, or email disclosure.service@nyyforum.org.uk for further information and a registration pack.